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Safety Program Development


We provide full program development and recommend avenues for 

implementation. We have been hired by companies with virtually no safety 

program and have developed model programs which have drastically reduced 

injuries, illnesses, and OSHA fines. We have no "crystal ball" and realize that 

all hazardous conditions, unsafe acts, and loss control problems cannot be 

predicted. We do believe, however, that through a solid safety program these 

injuries, illnesses, and fines can be drastically reduced.

Customized Safety Training

 Our training philosophy is simple. "An untrained worker can't be expected to work safely or professionally. This usually results in poor workmanship, more injuries and property damage, and ultimately, higher insurance rates." The training conducted by Corporate Safety Services is OSHA training, taken directly from applicable, current federal standards. We believe that training should be concise, timely, and relevant. Training should not be something a company resorts to after an accident. All employees should receive initial and recurring training. Our training programs can be written to meet the needs of any company.  

Facility/Jobsite Audits


Audits play an extremely important role in accident prevention. We train workers, foremen, supervisors, and management in all aspects of occupational safety and health. We train the "nuts and bolts" of compliance, what to look for, how to correct the problems, how to gain worker support, and the importance of frequent inspections. In addition to training others to conduct audits, we conduct OSHA-type audits for any type of business using a Corporate Safety Services developed checklist. Our electronic audit reports include photographs and identify the finding, recommendations, and causal factors. They are emailed to the people you select immediately from the job site.

OSHA Representation & Assistance


We provide on-the-job representation during OSHA inspections as well as employee, supervisor and management training on how to handle these inspections. We assist the employer in developing strategies for the defense of OSHA citations as well as representation during OSHA informal conferences.

Customer Support

Simply developing a program which meets the requirements is only a small part of an effective program. Although we develop and assist in programs tailored to the needs of your company, we consider this only the beginning. Specifically, training and documentation, as well as maintenance, are equally important. When we develop programs, we stand by you through implementation and ultimately the "is it working" phases. Program development and support doesn't end with dropping a five pound program on the CEO's desk.